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Configuration: AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7050
The FRITZ!Box Fon from AVM was successfully tested by sipgate.
Open a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) in your PC and entrer the address below in the address field.
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7050
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7050 sipgate FAQ
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final steps
After you made all configuration changes, please click on "updates" and then on "Reboot". To test the functionality after the configuration changes, there are two simple methods:

1. Test call number

sipgate has created some test call numbers 10000, 10001 and 10002.

Dial these numbers and you should hear an automated message.

2. sipgate connection to the land-line (pstn) network by calling your sipgate number

You may find your sipgate phone number in your account under the tab marked "My Data". You may call this number to verify that the number is active and reachable.

If you are using more than one router, the necessary configurations can be more complicated and unfortunately, we are only able to offer limited support.

You may find a list of devices that have been tested to work with sipgate and the configurations needed to make them function with sipgate in the Help Centre.

testing your device's functionality
To confirm the functionality of the configuration, there are two easy methods:

1. Call the test number
sipgate has a call test number: 10000 Dial this number to hear an automatic message.

2. sipgate-connection to the pstn (normal telephone) network
You can find your number in the "my data" section. Call this number to check your connectivity with the normal phone network.

Using several routers may result in technical issues that cannot be solved by sipgate. A list of tested-to-comply routers and their settings (where necessary) can be found in the sipgate help-centre.

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